The following statement is to address the false allegations made by Global news and Abdullahi Rahimi regarding the Islamic Society of British Columbia (ISBC):

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducted a rigorous review of the ISBC as an organization, including its objectives, activities, financials and management and determined that the evidence was conclusive in proving that the organization was operating for exclusively charitable purposes and was involved in no wrongdoing. The CRA further concluded that the administrative steps already taken, or required to be taken, by the organization were sufficient to ensure continued compliance with the charitable regime in Canada.

As previously stated, upon completion of their rigorous review, the CRA concluded that the organization had been involved in no wrongdoing. The organization's response was clear and the evidence was unequivocal in proving that the organization was not involved in any activities involving terrorism. Had there been any shred of evidence supporting a terrorist financing claim, the CRA would not have permitted the organization to continue to be designated as a registered charity. Consequently, we can conclude that the CRA was, in fact, satisfied with our response.

In regards to ‘wasteful spending’, after review of all the documents and expenditures, CRA concluded that there was NO wasteful expenditure. Had there been any, CRA would not have hesitated in closing down the organization.